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Is there more information about JUVEXIN™?

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Is there more information about JUVEXIN™?


JUVEXIN™ is delivered to the hair in its raw natural state, keeping critical amino acids and proteins intact. Derived from healthy, free-range, antibiotic-free New Zealand sheep wool through an environmentally-friendly and full-renewable process.

The Global Keritan Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN™ is the only protein scientifically proven to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state, leaving it bouncy and radiant.

JUVEXIN™ maintains hair's natural properties by creating a shield over each strand, penetrating the cuticle and restoring it from the inside out, while protecting and repairing damage caused by harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments, ageing and the rigors of daily shampooing and styling.

It works on all hair types and leaves hair more manageable, soft, shiny, smooth and frizz-free for up to 6 months between salon treatments.

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